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Candidating ministry methodist

If you are sensing a call to pastoral ministry, please visit our Getting Started page.

If you would like more details regarding the coursework and itinerant service requirements necessary for each step of the ordination process, click on the links in the left-hand sidebar.

During this process, each candidate is evaluated on their personal, spiritual, academic, and professional qualifications for serving in ministry.

Those whom the Church ordains shall be conscious of God’s call to ordained ministry, and their call shall be acknowledged and authenticated by the Church.

If you think that God may be calling you into ordained ministry don’t leave it there.

Continue to pray, and talk about it with others you trust, and who will speak with you honestly.

The stationing of local ministers is limited to circuits which are accessible from the minister’s own home.

That is why, if you believe that God is calling you to ordained ministry and leadership, the Church will rightly test that sense of call with you.

God calls in different ways and at different times in life.

The process begins as a period of exploration and discernment, followed by the formal application and support of one’s candidacy application by her or his local church and district.

After a mentoring process and becoming officially certified by the district committee, candidates complete additional requirements set by their annual conference, including education and ongoing interviews with a district committee and conference Board of Ordained Ministry.

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Speak with your own minister, who will want to think through your call with you, and who will be able to advise you on qualifications and the processes for candidating and training.

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