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She tried to sell them in Florida but there was no interest.The Quart is for certain a previously unknown mold variety and the pint is the same mold as the honey amber one Jon Steiner and I have with the kind of keystone mark in the slug plate ring.Want to see the most AMAZING antique bottle, stoneware and advertising gallery ANYWHERE?Check out the Spinners at and while you are there consider joining the most amazing antique bottle, antique stoneware and antique advertising club anywhere. Nate continues to plug away and I am getting them in.On the trip back home I hit Janesville area where I picked up a two gallon Wisconsin Territory stoneware Jug by Cunningham and some other odds and ends.All three will be up as spinners on the Wisconsin Antique & Advertising Club website soon. 03/05/2014 Additions to the galleries are made every day.I spent so much energy working to save the Milwaukee antique bottle and advertising club over the last couple of years it pretty much took all of spare bottle time. There are lots of good things happening in the collecting world including the Milwaukee Antique Bottle Club taking a proactive role in promoting antique bottle collecting for 2013.I gave up and joined Jon Steiner and dozens of other collectors in an amazing new club. It is all of the fun, interest and adventure without the negativity. 12/14/2012 It is actually hard to believe some of the great antique bottles and stoneware that show up.

Check out the galleries and keep checking them out.

Jon Steiner has written an article about Cunningham for the club's August newsletter. Click on this stoneware stamp to see the whole Milwaukee antique bottle then explore to find more treasure!

03/04/2014 Hello Milwaukee and Wisconsin antique bottle, antique stoneware and antique advertising collectors!

Knowing the guy was moving out of the house and had no interest in the antique paintings they asked what he was doing with the stone ware. 07/28/2011 Have you found any incredible pontiled rarities scanning the Wisconsin antique bottle galleries? You can find it on this antique bottle website thanks to Henry Hecker... This is the only example i know of with the Milwaukie embossing and the straight collar blob.

What other rarities are popping up on the site you ask?

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The size of the mrbottles Wisconsin antique bottle galleries. Yesterday was an incredible day for bringing great things into the Wisconsin antique bottle collecting community.

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