Dating valentine cards

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The words should offer enough material for a response, yet not so much as to overwhelm the target.

Opening lines should be sweet, inviting and charming.

If you choose to deliver the note by surprise, here are a few suggestions: Nate Tan and Brett Nicol, b-school buddies and self titled “original forgetful gentlemen,” founded Forgetful Gentleman, in Charlottesville, VA in January 2009.

With the goal of making it easier for the busy, modern man to be a gentleman, Forgetful Gentleman’s innovative products have been recognized by NBC, Businessweek, Thrillist, Cool Material and the National Stationer’s Guild.

The advantage of delivering a note in-person is that you can see their reaction, and re-enforce your message through verbal or physical gestures.

In reality, most people's opening "pickup" lines are exactly what you would never say to someone in real life — including these real messages, from actual Ok Cupid interactions.

Sometimes the small and easy things in life mean the most, a thoughtful card on Valentine's Day being the perfect example. But don’t be intimidated – Forgetful Gentleman will make it easier for you to be a gentleman this Valentine’s Day and help you avoid the traps of an over-priced and over-hyped experience.

Letterpress is the same printing technique that Gutenberg invented in the mid-15th century.

If you remember from your history class, Gutenberg’s printing press could, for the first time, publish books and spread learning to the masses.

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Don’t be surprised if she re-reads it multiple times in the ensuing weeks, and saves it for years in a desk drawer.

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