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Inter racial dating kentucky

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No state government can block an interracial marriage after the ruling, the case determined. Some states did not change their laws after the ruling, even though they could not have been enforced.A long history of interracial tension has existed between blacks and whites, and memories run deep, to say the least.Of course, offending couples won’t be thrown in jail by their governments, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t be prosecuted by their communities.As law professor Bennett Capers has termed it, “white letter law” is invisible but still powerful. People date and marry with friends and family in mind.Black letter law is found in statutes, codes, legislation, and court cases — it is written in the books and is easy to locate. Community reprisal could be a big factor, as blacks and whites may fear reactions from their home communities about their choice of partner.

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In 2010, 5.3 million couples reported themselves as interracial — a significant increase from 4 million in 2000.