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Other predominantly religious countries such as Jordan and Pakistan also have similar rates of this belief.

Estimates are presented for 1990, 2000, 20 and are available for all countries and areas of the world.Education about contraception and safe sex can help prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. The missing percentage points to 100 percent are divided among participants who refused to answer and those who said that the answer would depend on the situation.This question was phrased by the source as follows: "Do you personally believe that sex between unmarried adults is morally acceptable, unacceptable, or is it not a moral issue?Oil/Filter changes and tire rotation every 5,000 miles and new tires at 50,000 miles is all it has needed in the service area!After 46,000 miles, this car is every bit as good as the day I bought it.

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Critics state that these programs often include negative messages about sexuality, gender roles, and may also try to minimize the effectiveness of birth control.

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