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A recent post by Drew Mc Cormack gives one of possible classifications.It approaches syncing based on two perspectives: Synchronous / Asynchronous, Client/Server / Peer-to-Peer.However, these are really complex problems that do not have an explicit solution. It is a relatively new library, conceived to continue unfolding of the TICore Data Sync concepts, but designed and written from scratch.

It is recommended to use the SQLite database to sync via i Cloud Core Data, as it helps to minimize data transfer over the network by sending incremental changes.

Based on a review of existing off-the-shelf solutions, we can delineate several major classes of syncing, different in granularity of objects subject to synchronization: Today, there are several off-the-shelf solutions of varying levels of operability, that tackle the issue of data synchronization. First of all, these obviously are, the i OS SDK built-in i Cloud features: i Cloud Document Storage, i Cloud Key-Value Store and i Cloud Core Data.

The first two are designed for document-level and key-value pair level syncing, so we will not dwell much on them to focus on the latter.

Syncing implementation is severely dependent on these factors, data model complexity, amount of data transferred and stored, and other requirements.

So in each particular case the choice should be in favor of the simplest implementation meeting the app requirements.

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Its features include: support of a variety of platforms, offline browsing, automatic conflict resolution.

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